This years charity will be the recently combined “Daventry Scouts Group”. This charity was picked by a random draw from all qualifying nominations,

Fund Raising activities started this year with a charity Race Night which realized £69 towards our new charity. £253 was also added from the first charity Bottle count of the New Year.

Another count of the Charity Bottle on 28th March raises another £333. Another count of the Charity Bottle on 2nd May has added a further £222 to the Scouts. 

The Easter Raffle donated another £363-50p. (Shown as £363 on Thermometer as it only deals in whole numbers.) Thanks to everyone who donated prizes and bought raffle tickets which has contributed to this magnificent effort.

Charity Bottle adds a further £393 to the funds.

Thanks to the Friends of Daventry Museum for donating £75 to our charity in lieu of room hire.

The Beach Party Grand barbecue night raised a further £255. Thanks to the Chefs and helpers on the night.

Another count of the Charity Bottle added £245 to the total.

Final contributions from the Charity Bottle were £188. Ticket sales on the charity night totaled £259, thanks to all who contributed prizes and sold the tickets. The Pork Roast raised another £70. Thanks to Trevor, Paul and Bruce for putting that on.