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Entertainment – 2019

All forthcoming live entertainment is listed below. Games nights such as ‘Play You Cards Right’, ‘Open The Box’ ‘Video Racing’ and ‘Race Nights’  are decided month by month by the teams that run them. Each event will be advertised  on the website home page as well as on the Club Entertainment Notice Board as soon as the details are known. All entertainment put on in this club is FREE…….



Saturday, 12th January – Jasmine Fox

Jasmine is a London-based entertainer who sings a number of popular covers and also is a tribute artist. she is particularly influenced by Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, Michael Buble, ABBA, Pink and Dolly Parton. She has a music degree from Birmingham University. She is making our first return to the Club after her two gisg in late March and May of last year. Read more about her here. 


Saturday, 26th January – Brendan O’Brian

Brian makes his annual visit to the Club.

Saturday, 9th February – Kelly Walsh

Kelly Walsh is a new artist to the club. Read about her here.

Saturday, 23rd February – Andy J

Andy J is returning to the Club for a third time. Andy is a quality singer in the crooner style.


Saturday, 9th March – Amy

This is Amy’s first visit to the Club. Popular covers singer.

Saturday, 23rd March – Mark Evans

Mark is a new singer to the Club.

Saturday, 6th April – Judy Vee

Judy Vee replaces Trish Grier.

Saturday, 20th April – Debbie Nunn and Carousel

Debbie Nunn and Carousel appeared in the Club last year and were a very popular and accomplished outfit. We have been able to get the duo back for a second visit.

Saturday, 4th May – Steve L

Steve is another popular singer who has appeared at the Club on previous occasions.

Saturday, 18th May – Just Us

cppearing for the first time at the Club.


Saturday, 1st June – Michelle Nova


Michelle sang in the children’s chorus of the English National Opera at the age of 12 and took part in various charity stage shows. She joined a band at the age of 16 and spent 2 years touring England singing with the band before leaving to continue working solo. 

She spent many years singing in live music pubs in East London before becoming self contained and now sings regularly on the entertainment circuit. Her passion is rock ā€˜nā€™ roll and music from the 50’s and 60’s, but she does cover many styles of music to cater for all tastes, right up to the current date.

Saturday, 27th July – Stax

Stax are a band who have been booked for our Barbecue and Beach Party to be held in July. You can read more about Stax here.


Saturday, 30th January – Jasmine Fox

Jasmine is a London-based entertainer who sings a number of popular covers and also is a tribute artist. Making a popular return from earlier in the year.

Tuesday, 24th December – Out of Order

Out of Order are returning for what in recent years has been a regular Christmas spot at the Club over the Christmas period. read about the Northampton-based band here



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